Food support

Food support for children living with disabilities in Kenya

By Thomas Katana

The wake of Covid’19 has brought many challenges to the world. Families living with disabilities are the most touched families by the effects of this pandemic. The pandemic has left many families in the world jobless hence making it difficult for them to access the basic needs.Saidi Omar

Children with disabilities are the most affected people who areĀ  at the risk of losing their lives due to starvation. There was a need for a quick response to save the lives of many children in Kenya who lives with disabilities and a food support was vital to them. As the organization working with children living with disabilities we had to come out asking well wishers to donate food to save the lives of these children. Many people joined us hands in this move and we were able to save the life of child with disability in Kenya.

I want to thank everyone who came out to support these children in this difficulty time. your support has brought joy and life to these children. Thank you so much!!

For support contact:
Leonard Mbonani
The Director
Kuhenza For the Children’s Foundation

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